Garfield Collection

The President James A. Garfield Collection


Your visit will help to honor the memory of President James A. Garfield, arguably the most brilliant, versatile, and ethical U.S. president. Garfield had previously been a college president and professor, trial attorney before the U.S. Supreme Court, Civil War general, and a liberal Republican leader in the U.S. House of Representatives. His tragic martyrdom cut short a presidency of progress and bipartisan cooperation.

Only Lawnfield, President Garfield's home in Ohio, has a collection to rival this one. Here you will see books, prints, photographs, statuary, and commercial products commemorating him. And only at the JHSH will you find:

* The only known business card of a presidential assassin;

* An unauthorized full-color clothing store advertisement featuring President Garfield and his entire cabinet;

* Original artwork, showing the President with Secretary of State James G. Blaine, created expressly for the JHSH by noted artist Rick Geary, author of the Garfield biography The Fatal Bullet.