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For tours Phone: 651-225-1505  For business inquiries Email us at [email protected]


All tours are by appointment, as the JHSH is also a private residence, and your indulgence is appreciated in making advance reservations. Tours must be booked by phone, not by email, please call 651-225-1505. Dr. Hawkins needs to hear your voice. The JHSH tour cost is $9 per person, less than in many places,  you will be guided by an accomplished lifetime public speaking professional, your time will be well-invested. Evening tours, as well as more customary hours, are equally possible.


At the end of our usual tour relax on the museum furniture and enjoy a glass of sparkling wine. Take home the JHSH logo glass, the cost is $20 per person.


 Groups larger than 20 will require some innovation, and some reorganization and compromising of the narrative text, easily done to accommodate  your group.

The JHSH has a small single parking space in the alley available on request. Parking across the street from the museum on St Albans St is not allowed. Grand Ave and Lincoln Ave are good options for parking.    


Free brochures (over 120) and expert advice on planning a vacation to Slovenia, Grand Avenue dining tips, and information on heritage sites in Canada are for the asking. Don't forget to check out our Shopping Section!


66 ST ALBANS STREET SOUTH, ST PAUL MN 55105 the JHSH is one block west and one half block south of the major intersection Grand and Dale.

By transit eastbound: Green line to Raymond Ave station. Take the 63k bus to St Albans St about 20 minutes.

By transit westbound: In downtown St Paul, take the 63b Grand Ave bus to St Albans St. about 15 minutes.

By car from I94 either direction to the Dale St exit.


If you are tired of singularly uninformed and untrained volunteers, plasticizing and overcharging by historical societies everywhere, hokey-fakey pseudo-history, and other travesties in the nation's McMuseums, and you long for a balance of professionalism, wit, and genuine concern for your time, the solution is here: just tap out 651-225-1505, and we will take it from there. Come to the prosperous and comfortable Gilded Age of America.